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About The Many Sides

The Many Sides was conceived by Rita Sheth as a platform to support personal development and personal power through inspiring thought leadership designed to uplift, empower and educate.

We do communications in all formats, interactive personal growth and performance coaching and immersive personal development courses to create positive and practical life changes. 


Premium Coaching

We offer bespoke coaching focused on 360-degree performance and multi-dimensional personal growth.

Our holistic and thorough approach provides you with the clarity, focus, motivation and confidence to help you achieve high value, personal and professional goals.

Personal growth coaching

Maya Angelou

"Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better."


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Enrol on our starter self-care audio course that provides an accessible entry point into developing strong foundations of self-care beyond the superficial!

Our course explores the principles of self-care and brings them to the complete beginner in an accessible, down-to-earth style.

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