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About Me

Writing has always been a hobby for me. For as long as I can remember, I have expressed my thoughts and feelings through words. I am a lawyer and entrepreneur and when my first business -  an indie fashion label - did not work out , I decided to take all of my experiences, successes and failures and use them to help and inspire people to elevate their lives through self development of all kinds.

Since I started writing many years ago, I have had poetry published in an anthology which was sold in the Design Museum as well as the Tate Modern and have also published academic writing about law and social enterprise. I also, for many years, maintained a blog on style and popular culture, which I loved and which was a lot of fun. I have written short stories, flash fiction, a lot of poetry, short films and even attempted a 'serious' novel. 

I also love to explore non-fiction about subjects ranging from entrepreneurship, fashion, beauty and lifestyle to spiritual topics, and started self publishing books and media content when I realised I had something valuable to share with others who shared my interests.

Since turning my passion into a profession, I have written prolifically and am constantly exploring new themes, genres and ideas. It’s incredibly hard work, but I love putting ideas into words that touch the heart. In future I have plans to write more fiction and also help develop new writers and make all of their creative dreams come true through the publishing capabilities and editorial assistance provided by The Many Sides.

I hope you enjoy the works and my blog, wordsandnopaper, and if you would like to join our inspiring community, then please subscribe to our email list below for uplifting content and offers on our paid content.

Much Love

Rita xx