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About Me


Writing and mentoring have always been an intrinsic part of who I am.

For as long as I can remember, I have expressed my thoughts and feelings through words, while guiding others towards their highest potential through sharing my wisdom. 

I am a lawyer and entrepreneur and after spending many years both in the corporate and business world, I decided to take all of my experiences, successes and failures and use them to help inspire people to elevate their lives through self development of all kinds.

Since starting The Many Sides, I have focused on exploring and sharing my knowledge on subjects that matter to women - ranging from entrepreneurship, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, wellness and spirituality. I started publishing books, media content and courses when I realised my experience could help inspire and educate women that want a full and powerful life filled with self-love. 

Since turning my passion into a profession, I have written and produced educational content that explores new themes, genres and ideas related to living life as a vital, fulfilled woman. It’s incredibly hard work, but I love putting ideas into words that touch the heart. 

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Much Love

Rita xx