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Coaching and Consultancy

Through a dynamic mix of strategic consultancy and transformative coaching work, I help women who desire radical change.

I take a holistic, multi-disciplinary approach, because I believe everything in our life is connected, and I like to focus on top-to-toe transformation.

The aim is to give you an overall sense of clarity and direction, deeper insight into yourself and your circumstances, and help you step into a new you.

Coaching that dives deep and takes a consultative look into your whole life.

My one-to-one, supportive and transformative intensive consultancy work is intuitively led, yet also grounded in pragmatism and a wealth of experience.

I teach you how to stop the limiting patterns and self-sabotaging behaviour that is holding you back from your best and will clear the fog that is preventing you seeing a clear vision and direction for the real you.

I will guide you towards a mindset that harnesses your personal power and moves you towards your most cherished goals.

What we will cover together depends on your needs but it may include:

navigating transitions and change, business and brand consultancy, personal brand and image, authentic communication, leadership and peak performance mindsets, getting into flow state, manifesting and creating abundance, mission and vision orientation, self-esteem building and personal power.

If that sounds like a lot - that's because it is.

This is not just a fluffy walk through your life, it is intended for deep and real change, from the inside out.


Group Coaching & Events

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Bespoke Seminars And Workshops

Rita offers custom designed seminars and workshops for organisations and businesses tailored to the interests of the audience and business specific needs.

Topics range from entrepreneurship, skill building, mindset and performance, amongst others.

To enquire about how she can contribute to your event or organisation and deliver an impactful, educational and engaging talk at an event or training, get in touch below.

Group Coaching

Group coaching provides an affordable and versatile way of accessing the support and mentorship you need.

Rita offers group coaching through weekly sessions delivered through remote conference to groups no larger than 5 people.

She keeps it structured, yet flexible, with the use of focussed, targeted sessions and thematic approaches, and provides an environment where everyone has the space to contribute and benefit.

Group coaching also provides a collaborative, supportive place of like-minds and provides an additional layer of accountability.

If you are interested in group coaching , please reserve a space by filling in the contact form below.