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After you subscribe you will get an email confirmation. Please check your spam folder.

Once you have subscribed you will be able to view all the premium content on the blog/podcast page as well as any restricted access pages on the website.


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Note From The Founder


I created this members area because I wanted to create a community where we can go deeper into topics that are sensitive, more niche or require more personal and emotional input from me.

Not everyone can afford one-to-one coaching. However, for a small monthly price, this membership allows you to submit requests and get coaching via videos, articles and live Q & A  sessions.

In the members-only section, you can access exclusive blog posts, coaching videos (where I will answer questions/requests), listen to my new podcast series, join the forum, and also access special edition longer-form content and my e-books, including The 7 Day Self-Care Journal.

Of course, you can cancel anytime. 

Hope to see you on the other side!

Rita x


Will I Need To Be A Member To View The Blog?

Yes! Because of the level of detail and quality I want to deliver, and also because I want to be able to discuss more sensitive and niche topics, all my posts for the foreseeable future will be available only to members.

Will You Answer Questions?

I will answer questions and specific requests through the videos and blog posts. So definitely leave comments and interact with the members-only content so I know what you want me to discuss.

Can I Get Coaching If I Am A Member?

Yes. I will do live group sessions and giveaways, from time to time, so you can access some coaching as part of your benefits. I will also engage with the community at a much higher level so this gives you access at a much lower price.

What Else Do I Get?

I will only be releasing my podcast series on my member's site (to see the previous series, check out the Youtube channel), my future e-books and access to the members forum. You will also get the 7-Day Self-Care Journal, which everyone loves 

Join Us

Connect to Our Community

I always dreamed of places to connect with like-minded supportive women, that is safe and also inspiring - a place to discuss ideas and grow mentally, emotionally, spiritually and materially. 

Our virtual community is a friendly, intimate, engaging place where you can find information that will help you be your best self and will allow you to participate in discussion in a safe place.

​You will also get a copy of the much loved 7 Day Self-Care Journal Challenge as a welcome gift -  which has, to date, been downloaded by and helped, thousands of women.

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