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Abundance Mindset

Updated: Jan 24

The universe is filled with unspeakable wonders.

Even if we think about the diversity of nature and the ways in which there is so much geometry and harmony in the way things are designed, even those of us without a belief in any higher power can't help but be astounded when we contemplate the amazing complexity of nature.

But it doesn't stop with nature. It doesn't stop with the thousands of types of birds, or the many different precious stones, or the beauty to be found in landscapes ranging from the glaciers of Patagonia to the intimidating mountains of the Himalayas. Because abundance is everywhere.

We spend so much time in the opposite mindset. That of scarcity. That of competition and comparison. That of thinking that, if someones else has it, there is less for me. So we need to steal, copy, rip people off, engage in sabotage and subterfuge. We have been trained in this toxic mindset, that all things are scarce.

Think about the most obvious example, that of money. Money is not scarce. There are more millionaires and billionaires than ever before in history. If money was scarce and a limited, finite resource then how come, as a world, the total pie keeps growing?

The answer is because money is not finite. Money is always growing. We can as a society grow in GDP, we can individually grow in net worth, without fighting over things as though they are the only available prospects or paths - there is an abundance of ideas, an abundance of opportunities, an abundance of new and innovative paths to be walked.

However, there are other things, apart from money and success, that are even more oddly viewed as scarce and lead to unnecessary angst, envy and destructive competition. This is the scarcity mindset that leads to the fight over love, over peace, over friends, over contentment. This is truly madness. These things, the best things, are free and infinitely abundant to everyone. It may not seem that way, but it's true.

Love, even when you feel you can't find it outside yourself, can always be found within, or through God, if you believe in a higher power, as I do. Friendships are available to anyone who is open to exchanging a few kind words and a laugh and some warmth. Aren't these things infinite? That man you are losing your self-respect over is not the only one in the world. Let him go! That toxic job is not the only job in the world, let it go!

Every time I have let things go, new and more appropriately aligned things have found their way to me. Because I have faith that all things happen for the best and I operate, most of the time, from an abundance mindset. I trust myself that I will figure it out and that someone or something is watching out for me.

Maybe this is harder to do if you don't have faith in a higher power or a sense of divine order, but even if you don't, you should at least have faith in yourself that you have the resources to find opportunity, and the tenacity and determination to make the most of that opportunity. And if you don't have these qualities, of resilience and inner strength, then cultivate them, because they are what will get you through to the other side, when things seem scarce and bleak.

In actual fact, there is only one thing that is truly scarce, and that is time. This is the only finite resource, until we work out how to live forever. So why are we spending this truly precious resource operating in this scarcity mindset? Until we can figure out how to live forever, the only thing worth fighting for, and holding onto tightly, is time.

Having an abundance mindset frees up your time and energy so that you can see yourself out of a jam while holding on to your integrity. Scarcity mindset only keeps you stuck and, sometimes, even make you compromise your values and character for the sake of a quick, and inevitably short, win.

What do you think? Do you come at life from an abundance mindset? Let me know!

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