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Updated: May 31

Brand coaching is coaching which helps support you in creating an authentic brand.

Whether it is personal branding, professional, or business branding, the aim is to create a brand that is strategically aligned to your desired outcome.

This sounds pretty simple, but getting this right, where the foot is properly in the shoe so as to speak, is a skill and quite difficult to achieve by yourself.

I was once working on a business a few years ago and I was trying to identify my brand signature and how to describe it in a succinct way.

I found myself grappling with this - perhaps, at that time I didn't have a clear enough vision, or perhaps it was not one that I could easily describe or perhaps I just didn't know how exactly to coach myself in a brand strategy sense.

In any case, since then, I have learned from working with other people and new entrepreneurs that it wasn't just a 'me' problem.

It's hard to do your own marketing when you're so close to your business or personal brand. You can't see the big picture when you're too close to it.

At the time, I worked with a branding consultant who helped me delve deeper into my vision, customer profile, and brand 'look and feel' so that I could synthesise my business and personal branding and express it clearly.

I was pleased with what we came up with at the end of the process, and when I expressed that it seemed so obvious, but I didn't know why I couldn't do this by myself, I was told something profound ... 'You can't do surgery on yourself'.

This is precisely the point. And this is the key value of brand coaching or a personal branding consultant - and, actually, any type of coach.

They offer the surgical objectivity and precision required to be able to uncover the core of the issue or central question to be answered, which is often the catalyst to powerfully move someone forward.

In the case of brand strategy coaching or personal brand coaching, the coach is tasked with extracting the core truth to deliver the most potent message about who you are or what this business is .... which is oftentimes easier said than done!

The work of creating brand stories or developing a successful personal brand, that not only resonates with your target audience but also generates brand loyalty, is difficult and requires careful thought ... and a dash of creativity.

Even experts in their respective fields sometimes struggle with explaining exactly what they do to the layman.

The message once again: You cannot do surgery on yourself!

In such cases, it is useful to get the insight of someone who can look at the big picture of your venture, business, or in the case of a strong personal brand, what makes you you, your USP, and what comprises your hidden, and not so hidden talents, to start to build brand authenticity.

And then with the help of some skillful copy, a strategic branding consultant can help you get that across, visually and verbally, in the most powerful way.

This is an area I specialise in, as part of my coaching business, because as well as being a life coach, I am a designer, writer, and entrepreneur, and have done this branding exercise many times.

My favourite part of business and entrepreneurship is, in fact, brand creation.

I thoroughly enjoy bringing out the authentic core of someone or something and polishing it up to shine brightly for the world.

In fact, I believe the specialness behind any kind of brand must be underlined by authenticity - exploring this is the only thing that can lead to discovering the intrinsic specialness and uniqueness that can effectively build a robust brand.

Your authenticity, your story, essence, aura and vibe is your brand. This is absolutely crucial to understand.

And many people struggle with branding because they cannot make a cohesive story out of the events that have happened and draw meaning and lessons from them to convey to the world.

They cannot see or feel their essence and they have not got in touch with their vibe or energy, so how can they hope to create an authentic brand?

You need someone to intuitively feel out your energy, your vibe and your aura. This sounds pretty woo woo, I know ... but some people, myself included, have an ability to do this for people within a short time of connecting with them.

You can call it a sixth sense, or intuition, or heightened awareness, whatever it is, this is what creatives and healers, coaches, spiritualists, therapists and consultants, and other inner-standers (sorry for the new age speak!) of the human psyche tap into in order to help other people.

In order to more fully understand what brand coaching actually means, let me break down some of the constituent parts.

Firstly brand...

The dictionary definition of brand (you know as a lawyer I love my definitions!) is a type of product manufactured by a particular company under a particular name.

Brand is still, therefore, defined in quite an old-fashioned way and doesn't really cover brand in the important sense we think of it these days.

Brand, in the sense I mean, is interchangeable with perception. It is how something or someone is perceived.

Of course, if we define it as such, then we can create any type of perception. We can create a perception that something is of quality, even if something is of low quality, or create a perception that we are extroverts, when we are not.

However, the space where brand is aligned to truth and authenticity is where we move from being gimmicky to arriving at a place where we are creating a powerful and long-lasting marketing statement that catches and takes hold.

So the first part of brand strategy coaching is to define what perception we want to create and how that tallies with who or what we are actually talking about.

Strategy is the next part and can be thought of as the bridge that we need to build between how we want to be perceived and where we are now.

This is the roadmap to building the brand we want and can comprise looking at website, copy, visuals, packaging, colours, logos and symbols, look and feel, product, customer experience, personal image, communication and presence, and many other factors.

We build in this part of the process, a strategy that cohesively brings together all these factors so they harmonise together and deliver the message we want to convey.

We want to make sure our message is aligned with our desired outcomes, whether that's more sales, better prospects, a higher-paid role, moving into a new market or industry, or a position of more seniority or authority.

And finally, the coaching part.

This is the strategic and intuitive insight and analysis, taking into all the above factors to get you there - from exactly where you are right now.

That requires the surgical dissection I talked about above and the ability to tap into that mystical sense of intuition and sixth sense to feel out the 'realness' and the truth of what something is beyond what you are able to articulate.

It is my job to tap into that and express it for you - the result is a clarity that is unmissable and this is what helps you really align to getting what it is you are aiming towards. Once you figure out brand, results flow - it's as simple as that.

But getting there is a process - and every time I undertake this process, I discover something profound about myself and my project or vision. I know, therefore, it is extremely worthwhile and the people who I help with this have also had the same experience.

If you would like some help with this and want to talk more about brand coaching, book a call with me below.

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