On Retracing Steps

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

Starting again is something that all of us will have to do at some point in our lives.

By the time we are in our mid-20s, mid-30s, mid-40s or mid anything, there is a point when you want to reflect whether you are on the right track. Whether you should keep going in the same general direction or whether you need to revisit your steps and the thought processes that got you here.

Most people don't really think too much about how they got 'here'. Most people don't make deliberate decisions about the direction of their life. As the saying goes, 'life happens when you're busy making other plans'. To most of us, life happens to us, and we receive. Life descends upon us like a surprise guest, sometimes we are happy to see said guest (Oh what a nice surprise!) ... sometimes not!

We make plans about meeting friends, we make decisions about which groceries to buy, we make plans about where we are going on holiday this year. But the big decisions, the life-changing decisions seem to happen entirely unplanned, entirely blindly, without any forethought about consequences.

But sometimes you do plan. You do think. You really think you've covered all the angles and looked at every perspective. You have followed the steps in a book about decision making, you've wrestled with the head-heart conundrum and you have achieved some sort of marriage between the two. You have made a good decision by all accounts.

Objective. Rational. Defensible.

But somehow you're still here. Retracing steps.

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