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Esoteric Interests

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

I have just been at my desk for three months straight writing everything I have learned about astrology and tarot in all my years of researching these subjects and all three books are now completed and ready for purchase. I have been a secret and obsessed student of these fascinating arts for a long time - maybe going back to my pre-teen years when I first learned about sun signs. Then I bought all the books by astrology OG Linda Goodman, then I learned about birth charts which gave way to more advanced subjects like Vedic Astrology. I started reading tarot many many years ago and found it to be a way of tapping into my inner wisdom and intuitive sense.

There is so much more to astrology and tarot than you may think. You can spend years on it and never get to the bottom. I think that's why, with my detective-like, investigative brain and interest in human psychology, I have been fascinated by these topics. To really get to the heart of myself and understand my relationships, other people and the workings of energy, fate and destiny.

It was a feat to distil all the knowledge I have gained into these three books - but so worth it - as I get to share my interest and knowledge with other people who are also interested in these subjects.

People that don't know me don't really know some of my more esoteric interests. I have been an avid student of these subjects for a long time and have used astrology and tarot to provide some guidance and direction in my life. It is not something I have really shared. Not because I am embarrassed but just because I tend to compartmentalise my 'many sides' - the corporate lawyer, the spiritual seeker, the creative emo, the intellectual, the fashionista that loves designer bags! Its easier to explain if there's not so much to explain. I also like to keep things simple!

Maybe I am guilty of not giving people enough credit to accept all of who I am because I assume people also like things neatly packaged in boxes. But maybe I was wrong. And I am willing to assume the best - that there are others like me that have many secret and private selves, and are just as tentative as me about sharing them.

The books are pitched at a beginner level and are also available on Audible, if you prefer to listen rather than read.

I am not sure whether I am going to write more on esoteric and spiritual subjects. I will leave it open, and be guided, to say it in a very new-age way, by the will of the universe ;)

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