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Your Signature

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Everyone has a unique signature. It is so uniquely identifiable that a handwriting expert can tell you whether it is genuine or fake. Even though it doesn't seem plausible, it is actually very difficult to convincingly forge someones else's signature.

We are taught how to sign our name as soon as we are old enough to assert our identity. I still remember practising signatures when I opened my first bank account with one of those old fashioned bank books. Like many other pre-teens, I first tried to imitate the only other person who I knew had a signature, my mums.

But somehow my signature didn't come out as hers did. Simply, because it was mine! I have been signing my name on documents for many years since that day. And now, even if I wanted to, I couldn't sign my name any other way!

A signature is also what people refer to when they talk about someone's unique essence, their identifying characteristic, the thing about them which is their specific type of swag or style.

In fashion terms, we all have a signature style. Even if you think you don't, trust me you do! It may be hard to describe to others exactly what it is and sometimes, when we have been through life's transformations, we may lose ourselves, and our signature, only to go through a journey to re-find it later. But it always exists.

When you are dressed in a way that represents your signature style you feel comfortable, you feel yourself, you feel authentically you. I wrote a short book about finding your authentic style (here) but this post isn't necessarily about your fashion signature. It is about your overall core essence.

There are certain people in my life that, when I think of, I can just feel. They have such a uniquely identifiable signature. And these kinds of people are people that are unapologetically themselves. You know them, not just by way of a list of superficial characteristics and traits or accomplishments, but because they personify certain qualities.

Saying someone is intelligent is listing a trait but saying someone carries an air of intelligence is a signature. A person's signature is what they embody, not just what people describe them as being, or even what they describe themselves as being.

Signature goes beyond packaging, beyond simple and neat descriptions of a person. It's more like a smell. In fact, comparing it to a smell is a great analogy because we ourselves are sometimes unaware of our own natural smell, but other people, especially those who either love or hate us, can detect it and it triggers a reaction in them.

You see, we all have a signature. Something that is just ours. No one else has exactly the same signature as you, even when they try and fake yours. It is a counterfeit, a copy, a rip-off. Less than the original. That is why identifying your signature is so important. Because that is yours. And what is yours, no one can do better.

It is an act of true self-esteem and self-love to explore who you are - what makes you, YOU - so that people can see your value clearly. But even more important than for other people to see it, is for you to be able to see yourself clearly and truly appreciate your unique and special value.

There is so much comfort and peace when you have found your signature because, when you are totally rooted in yourself, in your authenticity, there is no competition or comparison anymore.

Instead, of looking left and right, you just continue to practise your own signature, just like you did when you first invented it, until you get it just right, until it becomes so natural that there is no one else who can do it just. like. you.

Your thoughts? Do you feel like you know what makes you uniquely unique? What's your signature?

And, if you are interested in getting additional insight and support, I offer coaching and consultation services at the link below.

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