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I assume that, if you are here, you always want to be better.

And right now, you are looking for the edge, the something 'extra', and you are wise enough to know you can't get there alone.

Mother, daughter, lover, friend, boss ... as a woman, you have no choice but to wear many hats and you don't want to have to choose.

You want to access the next level, the next level according to you and you alone.

And you need someone strong but soft, wise but not imposing, straight-talking but sensitive, firm enough to steer you, but flexible enough to let you find your own path.

Everyone's next level is unique and part of my job is to help you find your unique next level, your version of peak performance and help you grow the areas that will help you live a more well-rounded life ... because, for women, true success is multi-dimensional, not just sharpening existing strengths.

Whether the 'next level' is for you, whether it is to improve personally or professionally, and whether it comprises hard goals or soft goals, I can help.

I see you.



I have lived a lot of life.

I am an Oxford Graduate, Asian Brit, Londoner, Feminist and proud child of immigrant parents.

I am also a lawyer that has spent over a decade solving conflicts at the highest state and corporate levels for FTSE firms and the largest law firms in the world.

(Oh yeah, that was after I spent a bit of time in PR, media and CSR - told you I lived a lot of life!)

I am a fashion designer and entrepreneur, creator of brands, writer, consultant and speaker.

I am also a spiritually led, emotionally centred woman. I am a great friend and daughter. I am a world traveller, avid reader and life-long learner.

That's me in a nutshell.

And in that time, I have amassed a lot of experiences, gathered wisdom and acquired knowledge. I have met a lot of people and had the privilege (and sometimes misfortune!) of dealing with a lot of personalities.

Which brings me here to you ...


In The Game Of Life, If You're Going To Play, You May As Well Play To Win.

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Feminine Life Mastery

Feminine Life Mastery is my exclusive 8-week long adventure into the heart of your life - what it has been in the past, what it is now and what it could be.  

We’re talking about life transformation at a profound level. Using a tantalising mix of high-level energy shifting, confidence-building, power-infusing visualisation and alternative therapy techniques, and my top-secret tricks from my life in law and business, to get you into a mindset that is powerful but yet totally authentic. 

We’re going to clear the decks of the past and whatever is standing in your way, get focused on what is going on right now and then I’m going to give you a road-map for a life you want, and not just one you're settling for because you think that's the only option. 

And I will teach you all of this in a way that keeps your integrity and femininity intact because, at the end of the day, your self-respect and womanly strength is at the very heart of your special brand of power.


Coaching That Goes Beyond The Superficial, Straight To The Heart.


My Style

I am told I am direct, no-nonsense and full of wisdom.

I have also been told I am kind, nurturing and a solid source of support. 

In my mind, tough love is love.

Only someone that truly cares, will tell you the truth and work with you to strive for the best version of you.

That is the version you may not see right now, but I do, and you will too.

If you are here, you will find my honesty and clarity refreshing, and you will find my insights thought-provoking and maybe even life-changing.


VIP Intensive Session


A 2hr-long, deep dive, consultative look into your life.

My one-on-one, supportive and transformative intensive consultancy work is intuitively led, yet practical and grounded. 

Totally tailored to your needs, my custom 120-minute performance and growth sessions are designed to remove your blocks to a more powerful and streamlined life, more effective relationships and 360-degree success.

I teach you how to stop the limiting patterns and self-sabotaging behaviour that is holding you back from your best and will guide you towards a mindset to harness your personal power and create a life you love.

Most importantly, this is not just a fluffy walk through your life, it is intended for deep and real change, from the inside out.