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Authentic Style

December, 2016

This Many Sides Guide is a great quick read and distills all of the author's knowledge about how to express yourself through your style. Not your typical fashion style book!

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You Were Born & The Stars Aligned

December, 2020

Check out the latest work. Exploring the fascinating world of astrology, birth charts and self development. This guide to astrology will be your go-to spiritual reference.


The Map of Destiny

January, 2020

Taking the subject of astrology to the next level, this guide to Vedic astrology will teach the fundamentals of the eastern system and help beginner enthusiasts of astrology to get to an advanced level.

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Intuitive Tarot

December, 2020

The Many Sides is extremely proud and excited to share their latest work. This book has been the result of a lifetime of working with tarot and provides a complete thesis of the cards and also gives alternative intuitive messages for the Major Arcana.

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